(IRREGULAR) White ColoradoStrong® Tshirt (IRREGULAR)
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We have a whole lot of white Tshirts that were printed with some flaws. With some, there are a few ink spots, some have a different font, some have a darker blue ink than the other Tshirts...  Photo above shows the different font. All are wearable.  Some are barely noticeable.  The message is just as powerful! If you've been wanting a Tshirt at a great deal, this is your chance!  Some of the ink spots may be able to be bleached out.  Some people have preferred the Tshirts with the different font.  All are still the same quality as all the others otherwise. 

All short sleeved.  All adult size S-XL.  ALL SALES FINAL! NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS!


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(IRREGULAR) White ColoradoStrong® Tshirt (IRREGULAR)

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